Sérgio Júnior

Front end developer


Hi, I'm a Brazilian, I'm 28 years old and I've been working as Front-End Developer since 2014 using modern JavaScript stacks. I came to Europe to improve my English and I'm looking for an opportunity to contribute with my knowledge in a company.

I'm an open minded, analytical, proactive and respectful person. I love solving problems and learning new things. I also have written technical articles about React and development and one of them was recently published on React Brazil Medium's oficial profile.
I've stamp-2 visa. I'm open to full-time offer and relocation.


⋄ IT Management - Sumaré College*

⋄ Front End Development - Caelum

⋄ Modern React with Redux - Udemy

*I finished this course in 2015 and I asked for my diploma before I came to Ireland but it was not ready on time. I could not bring it with me.*


Phone: +353 83 360 6389

Email: Sergioamjr91@gmail.com

Tech Skills

⋄ HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6^), WordPress.
⋄ React, jQuery, Webpack, Gatsby, Bootstrap.
⋄ SASS, Stylus, CSS-in-JS, Atomic Design.
⋄ Redux, State Machine, Flow, SEO, Semantic,
⋄ Mobile First, Responsive Design, UX.
⋄ MongoDB, MySQL, Node JS, Express, Rest API.
⋄ Git, CI, Kanban, Scrum, TDD, E2E, Accessibility.
⋄ A little bit of GraphQL and React Native.

Professional Experience

Dec/2018 - Jun/2019

Front End Engineer


Nexo is a company which provide consulting using artificial intelligence in yours solutions. I worked in two projects, in the first one I was relocated to Bayer company, helping them to create a platform to follow up the seed discard. We used to work with scrum agile methodology, 2 weeks` sprint, meetings with the global team, clients, product owner, scrum master, etc. The second project was a recruitment platform, used by candidates and companies to analyze and match the better recommendation between them. On both projects I was the only Front End Developer, being responsible for the development, Netlify deployment, maintenance, version control with GIT, performance, documentation and integration with the backend services as well.
I used React, React Hooks, Redux, SCSS, Flow, Jest and Enzyme to Unit Test.

Ago/2018 - Nov/2018

Front End Engineer


LaPag is a startup, winner of Visa's Acceleration Program in 2018, which offers payment service, financial control and management of beauty saloon in Brazil.  I arrived at LaPag as the most experienced developer and I worked as Full Stack Developer. I also brought healthy development habits, like code review, sprint planning, decrease bundle size and test coverage metrics, usability test and development of our style guide. We had weekly meetings and I had a more technical opinion about the issues and improvements on our platform. 
Our platform and REST API was built using Meteor, React, SASS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

Jul/2017 - Aug/2018

Front End Developer


Pismo is a startup which offer a payment solution 100% based on cloud services. When I arrived they were in a transition from a small to large startup. On one hand, my job was to provide maintenance and add new features on our legacy platform built with AngularJS and, on another hand, I helped them migrate our platform to React, starting from scratch and creating new products as well.
I learned a lot things about JavaScript, SCSS, React and even React Native.

Oct/2015 - Apr/2017

Jr Front End Developer

Firefly Interactive

My first job as junior front end developer was at this agency. I worked on developing WordPress themes and plugins using PHP and MySQL Database to our clients. I also worked on building e-mail marketing and transforming a PSD layout into HTML, CSS and jQuery. I learned a lot about CSS, HTML, jQuery, WordPress, Mobile First, Accessibility, Semantic.